9 Tips for an Effective Website for Artists

Websites, blogs or website/blog combinations are excellent as a home base for artists and business owners.

Yet all websites are not created equally.

Best practices for websites change, and in the world of today where people expect instantaneous answers on the web, your website needs to immediately answer the question of why your target audience should stick around on your site for more than one second.

Until a few days ago I would have written a post saying that most of the ineffective websites I see have too much “stuff” on the home page.  Then the other day I saw a website for a new company that had reached out to me.

That site had too little “stuff” on it, especially given its competition.  What’s interesting is that the person who reached out to me emphasized the site’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition), but I couldn’t immediately see that USP on the site’s home page.

Here are 9 tips to keep in mind for an effective website:

  1.  Your website does not need to attract everyone.  It does need to attract the people in your target markets.
  2. The people in your target market must realize the instant they land on your site that your site is indeed for them: you are offering a solution to a problem they have or a product for which they are looking or an experience they would like to have.
  3.  The navigation of the site must be easy.  Too many choices on the home page can be overwhelming and make people click away.  Lead people logically through your site.
  4. Any image on your site should be directly related to what the site has to offer and be relevant for your target market.  If you are offering music composing services, do not use a photo of the outside of your recording studio or a stock photo of recording equipment.  Instead you can use a photo of you working at your recording studio.
  5. Make sure your contact information is easy to find.  Tiny contact info at the bottom of the home page does not count.
  6. Wherever possible, do not create long pages that people need to scroll down and down and down.  Again, use logical navigation linking to take people from one short page of content to the next short page of related content.
  7. Make sure your copyright is current on your site.
  8. Make sure you are on your site – your name, your photo, your personality.  Do not only use the “royal we” for your entire “About Us” page.
  9. And make sure that the spelling is correct on your site.  If catching spelling errors that spellcheck doesn’t catch (such as “there” when you mean “their”) is not your expertise, ask someone else to proof your site’s copy.

Remember, your website is your home base for your online activities.  Make your home base presentation as effective as possible.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller has an M.B.A. from The Wharton School and is co-founder of the WBENC certified online marketing company, which builds WordPress websites for clients at

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