Music Lover Celebrates Record Store Day without the Record Store

Record Store Day  is this Saturday, April 21st, 2012. If you’ve never been in an independent record store, you are missing out on an incredible culture with a vibe all its own. According to, the idea was conceived in the  mind of Chris Brown, an employee at an independent record store, in order to unite independent record stores and artists in celebration of the art of music. Record Store Day was later founded in 2007 by Eric Levin,  Amy Dorfman, Don Van Cleave, Brian Poehner, Michael Kurtz, and Carrie Colliton, the last two still managing it. It is now celebrated every year on the third Saturday in April.

Twenty-three year old indie music fan and blogger Coleman Nicholls will be celebrating Record Store Day this year without the record store. Slowtrain, the only independent record store in Salt Lake City closed down when the owners decided they needed to dedicate more time to their newborn daughter. According to Nicholls, the store officially closed on Christmas Eve 2011, but they still operate as a record label and promoter of indie music.

Remembering how he could just hang out in the store and listen to some cool tunes, he said “it was good to have a record store that gives a shit.” He said his parents could have walked in the store and said that they were Coleman’s parents and the Slowtrain staff would know which music to recommend to them for their son. They knew their customers and were acutely aware of their musical preferences.  Because of Slowtrain, Nicholls began his own vinyl collection, but says that now he has to purchase online.

It’s good to have a record store that gives a shit.

So what’s a young music fan to do on Record Store Day without a record store to celebrate? What else? Go see some music. Coleman Nicholls is making the hour long drive on Saturday afternoon to Provo to see one of his favorite indie bands “The Moth & The Flame” play at Velour Live. Nicholls has seen first hand how “The Moth & The Flame” has grown as a band, remembering that the first time he saw them, the crowd numbered less than a dozen people. He says that they just kept playing and building a fan base and when they held an event for their CD release, they were sold out. The event on Saturday expects great attendance as well. Described as “Art Rock” you can view their only current YouTube video here:

Coleman says the day will be bittersweet for him as he remembers the Slowtrain store and supports a band that he has followed from their earliest days. He predicts that The Moth & The Flame has what it takes to stand out in the large sea of indie rock music.

Brandon is an indie rock and folk fan, and is excited to see folk music making a comeback. He tweets about music at @ColemannNicholls.

Record Store Day is celebrated internationally.

by Michele Jennae: Editor-in-Chief and contributor, The Indie Times;
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