Remembering the Artist Inside with Debra Ledsinger

Debra Ledsinger – Delephoto

Born in: Muncie, Indiana Lives in: Sacramento, California

Debra knew she wanted to be an artist from as early as she can remember, gravitating towards everything artistic, including Lincoln Logs and Legos. Because of a critical comment made about one of her portfolio while she was in high school, Debra decided to study engineering, convincing herself that her choice of majors was actually fulfilling her artistic needs as she was ‘drawing’ on the computer in her drafting classes.

“I decided that I would become an engineer so that I could afford to be an artist”

At one point, she says, she forgot to be an artist, even though she was still involved in a theater group, among other artistic pursuits. She realized that she wasn’t allowing the seeds of her passion to really blossom.

A few years ago, while still working for HP, Debra decided to enroll in The Art Institute, Sacramento Campus to pursue her degree in web design. Being exposed to photography classes at the institute started a spark in her that would not be quenched. She is now having fun exploring different types of photography but hesitates to paint herself into a corner by deciding on a niche just yet.

“I like to do the fine art photography. I like doing photography that looks like paintings.”

Looking back she realizes that her high school critic was probably well-meaning, but Debra says that there is an art to critiquing someone’s creative works. As far as the critics go, what stopped her before now fuels her.

To see Debra’s photography, click HERE!

by Michele Jennae: Editor-in-Chief and contributor, The Indie Times;
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  1. Victoria

    May 27, 2012 at 11:23 am

    I’m glad she didn’t allow that to stop her. Sometimes critics are well meaning, and sometimes they are n’t but only each individual knows whether or not a discipline is right for them or not.

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