Painting Her Way Toward Success

Her name is actually quite a mouthful, Nicolena Nina Margaret Victoria Phyllis Salandra Palumbo. Try saying that five times fast.  Nicolena Nina, as she prefers to be called, was born in the great Brick City, in the Forest Hills section of Newark, New Jersey. She is an independent, up and coming artist, painting her way towards success. She has been at this, doing what she loves doing, for a very long time.  She grew up living in a large Italian household with many influences guiding her childhood towards her passion for the arts.

Nina, attended Summer Avenue elementary school, Broadway junior high school, and Barringer High school where her art teachers were amazed at her talent at such a young age. Finally, her 6th grade art teacher Miss Nina Christie entered a sketch drawing Nina did called “The Horse,” into a statewide competition. The result was her winning her 1st award for “outstanding achievement in art.” Nina caught the art bug in the first grade but after winning that award, she would never looked back.

Her obvious influence was Pablo Picasso but many other influences were Modigliani, Matisse, Frida Kahlo and Grandma Moses.  She loved the simple techniques use by those artists to create their wonders. Another artist she admired very much, Gregory Saulle, another independent living only a few blocks away from her childhood home. Regarding her own art, Nina says, “My art won’t match your sofa.” Nonetheless you will fall in love with her work. It is weirdly beautiful.

Nina is a talented artist, doing it all herself. She is indie all the way without conforming towards commercialism. She refuses to make concession for her art, for success. She loves art too much to be a part of the compromising world of mediocrity.

Nina has to work twice as hard as other artists do, for she struggles through life with Multiple Sclerosis. This doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves, painting, creating, astonishing.  She paints in such a style; you just have to be stunned at first glance. Nina doesn’t consider herself a handicapped person.  She pushes forward for her love of art, and family. Nina said, “If I let MS deplete my life’s ambitions, my love for my husband, my children, my art, I may as well give it all up.” but she will never do that for she is a strong woman.

Despite all she has to deal with, Nina, showcases her artwork wherever and whenever she can.  She also brings her fighting spirit with her wherever she is showcased. She uses her love for her art to raise awareness of MS and Adult Stem Cell research. Her activism gives hope to others with this devastating disease along with creating awareness to the patrons of her shows. She hopes to see progress in this field grow so very soon a cure will be found.

As an artist, she is unstoppable despite her illness.  Nina’s artwork speaks volumes, and is a true insight into the mind of this great artist.  She has been showcased locally, throughout New Jersey, and although she would love to be more known, she doesn’t paint for that purpose; she does it out of her love for the art.  She feels all the fame will come when it is supposed to come.

My art won’t match your sofa.

Nicolena has a webpage so visit and be prepared to be amazed.  It is where her work is displayed proudly. She is a master at her craft, and we need to stand behind her, this independent artist. Nina is special, one of those people who just needs to be talked about more so others can see what the world has to offer.

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  1. Joe Hefferon

    June 15, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Hey Nicolena, I was born in Newark too. Small world now we’re both on Indie Times, Great story. My prayers go out to you. I wish you all the best.

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