Sacramento Festival has Successful Launch

Saturday, July 28thmarked the last day of the well anticipated 2012 Launch Festival. It was a six day event full of music with a bigger and better line-up than ever, showcases for local artists and fashion boutiques of twenty three different designers. The Festival ended at Caesar Chavez Park in downtown Sacramento. The last day of Launch was an all day affair with a whopping thirty seven band line up starting from 11 a.m. running till 11p.m. The event featured many memorabilia and clothing booths, food, beer, live music and even a fashion show. There weren’t many people at the beginning of the day; the park contained mostly kids and their parents. When the kids went away, the adults came out to play. Around 5:00 p.m. the night life filled the atmosphere with an age range of about 18 to 25 years old. The reason why the park started to fill later in the day was because of the rules the event coordinators had set in place.

Chromeo Photo:Jason Yurkovic

A lot of people came later in the evening because there were “no outs” in the park. Once people left, they were not allowed to come back in.  There were no blankets, chairs, food or drinks allowed in the park, not even water bottles. People either had to buy water or drink it from the fountain. Also, there were no cameras with lenses allowed. So if anyone was eager to get a good shot of their favorite band, they had to capture it on their cell phones or disposable cameras.

Despite the unfortunate conditions and the scorching heat, there wasn’t a frown in sight. The music was the saving grace of the festival. While the fans were waiting for the talents of D.J. Shadow and the main event Chromeo (coming all the way from Canada), bands not yet under the spot light took the opportunity to show the crowd all they could offer. Fans enjoyed the New York sounds of the band Group Love who played their hit “colors” and a rocking rendition of Whitney Houston’s’ “I wanna dance with somebody”. The Joy Formidable pleased the crowd with their British charm and good looks. Other bands included White Arrows, Sea of Bees, The Fame Riot and The Appetite, who kicked off the day at 11am.  When D.J. Shadow hit the stage, he had the crowd swaying back and forth in synch to his laid back sounds. The closing act, fun loving duo Chromeo, had the entire dance floor packed tight with motivated dancers bringing out their inner Michael Jackson. It was all in all a great night.

If the crowd was absolutely satisfied with the night, it was because the band “!!!” (CHK CHK CHK) set the mood for the rest of the night. They were the band that gave the crowd its energy to begin with. Eithout a light show or cool effects to back them up, they lit up the stage with  singer Nicks’ Mick Jagger’esque dance moves, a funky bass line and their rock n’ roll, jive guitar riffs. Like the Clash, with twice the level of funk, they had everyone up on their feet feeling like rock stars. Their show ended abruptly, however, when the stage coordinators interrupted them in the middle of their song because of a one hour time limit. That Academy Award cut off was not a crowd pleaser and it was clear by the simultaneous booing of the crowd. Even though !!!’s set was apparently too long, many believed it was unfair not to let the band finish their song.

Hopefully the finale of next years’ Launch Festival will be more organized and the event coordinators will listen to what the concert goers have to say. They should loosen up a bit on their rules and standards. It is important for people to be encouraged to go back in the future because Launch Festival can pick out a dam good line up.

Pauline Ruth Worley Pauline Ruth Worley is a 20 yr old student from Sacramento,CA. She currently majors in Journalism at Sacramento City College and with unconditional dedication, plans to transfer to NYU. Pauline grew up in a dominant music background. Her family’s love and knowledge of music has been passed down to her since birth. Pauline always knew she’d pursue a career and life involving music. It was when she saw the movie “Almost Famous”, that she decided to study Music Journalism. This is her first published article.



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