Top Tips for Marketing on the Internet

As I participate on social media sites, I often notice relatively simple techniques that people are missing out on implementing.

One such area of missed opportunities is people who do not display a picture when leaving a comment on a blog post.  This is a missed chance for establishing relationships because people respond to visual representations.

Recently I emailed someone instructions on how authors with new books could utilize Amazon and Facebook for free (I am not talking about paid ads).  This is when I realized that I could write a short ebook with immediate implementation steps that could help a lot of authors.

The result of this is the Kindle ebook TOP TIPS FOR HOW TO MARKET YOUR BOOK ON AMAZON AND FACEBOOK: Action Steps You Can Do Immediately Whether You Are Traditionally Published or Self-Published on Amazon at

This ebook has received the response for which I hoped: People are reading it quickly and then successfully implementing some of the recommended steps.

Following this publication, I emailed an online author colleague with instructions for how to get a gravatar that would automatically appear when she left comments on gravatar-enabled blogs.  She was missing out on this picture opportunity to reinforce her author brand.

She asked me to write a blog post about this.  I replied that I had often written about this, and perhaps this could be included in another short book about online marketing.

She requested that I not overwhelm people with too many things to do in connection with online marketing.  This caused me to decide to focus on one small area of online marketing – using pictures to promote a brand, business or book.

Now the second TOP TIPS Kindle ebook is TOP TIPS FOR HOW TO MARKET ON THE INTERNET WITH PICTURES: Action Steps You Can Do Immediately Whether You Are an Expert or a Novice on Amazon at

This second ebook covers topics such as, email signatures, Pinterest, and cover images for Facebook and Google+.

I cannot promise that you will instantly become an online marketing maven by reading these two short ebooks (most of the information in the first book is relevant for others besides authors).

I can say that, if you implement just some of the recommended steps, you will be further along in any online marketing you are doing for your brand, book or business.

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Phyllis Zimbler Miller is the author of fiction and nonfiction books/ebooks, including her newest fiction ebook – the thriller CIA FALL GUY.

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She also has an M.B.A. from The Wharton School and is the co-founder of the online marketing company



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