BiblioCrunch: Brainchild of Miral Sattar

by Joe Hefferon

Here you are again, sitting at your desk, sifting through rejection slips and stuffing back your frustrations with your favorite comfort food, which in my case is a mason jar of Merlot and a two-pound bucket of Cheeze-Its.

You just know your idea is good and your story in fascinating so; what’s the problem? Maybe it’s the editing, the format or some inconsistency in the story line that escapes you. Maybe those evil, zombie-kissing publishers are conspiring against you.


Maybe you should self-publish? Sounds like a lot of work: first writing, then editing, formatting, designing and marketing. It’s a paradox of digital publishing. It’s easier than ever to put a book in a reader’s device and confusing as all get-out to put the whole thing together.

Although e-books are gaining in popularity at an exponential rate, it’s still difficult for an individual author to have the design, tech, and business savvy necessary to put together a complete and compelling package that will stand out among the swarm of self-published titles. It’s a dilemma.

But what if you could assemble a team of professionals who could help you create an outstanding product? Sounds great but it’s probably impossible to make all those connections and it might be too expensive for a struggling author living on powdered milk and generic Oreos.

Enter, the brainchild of its CEO, Miral Sattar – the ingenious force behind a market-driven concept that will advance digital publishing to new and higher levels of performance, easily matching the standards of the old guard. Bibliocrunch is the first platform of its kind, an innovative bundle of expert solutions for the digital dilemma.

So what is

“We are a platform that connects authors with the talent they need to publish their book and get it out into the world. We provide the marketplace, the tools and the community for any author to be able to do that.

Bibliocrunch is an e-book marketplace where you can go on-line, write your e-books in the cloud or launch a project. Let’s say you need a cover design, you need PDF’s converted or you need an editor or whatever is needed in the production process, Bibliocrunch gives you access to professionals.”

So what was the genesis of this platform?

Miral formerly worked as a senior product development manager at Time Inc., managing all the digital development and also writing for them.  While there, she recognized a need in the marketplace. “I noticed when these huge events were unfolding, such as when Will and Kate got married, people were flocking to Amazon to find books about them.”

Many of the books available were sub-par at best, but Miral wondered why they couldn’t digitally package better-quality information in book form?

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