Create a Video Quiz to Promote Your Art

The site has a unique premise:

People can create quizzes in various categories using YouTube videos. Other people play these quizzes to amass points towards winning prizes.

To try out the concept, I created the video “1948 Berlin Airlift Throws Lifeline to West Germans” in the history category. For this quiz I used only one video from YouTube with which to craft my quiz questions.

Although at the time there was not a book category, the creators of the site are very open to category suggestions.  When I suggested a book category for authors, the creators added the category.

Now I have created the video “The Novel MRS. LIEUTENANT and the Vietnam War” in the new book category.

For this quiz I used both the MRS. LIEUTENANT book trailer on YouTube and a YouTube video from CNN about the 30th anniversary of the May 4, 1970, Kent State shootings during the Vietnam War.

The quizzes are structured so that there is a maximum of 15 seconds of video playing before a question is asked, and each quiz must have at least five questions.

Rivvid has both a free and a paid option for membership.  I created the above two videos with the free option.  Then I shared the links to my video quizzes on social media.

Now think about how you might use the opportunities on this site to promote your own art.  Here is one example:

Perhaps you write songs.  You could find videos on YouTube about subjects that you talk about in your songs and use these videos to create quizzes in connection with your songs.

Or perhaps you have videos of your songs on YouTube.  You could use those videos to craft quiz questions.

If you do not find a category appropriate for your art, contact the creators about establishing a new category.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller is the co-founder of the online marketing company Miller Mosaic LLC as well as the author of fiction and nonfiction books. Her novel MRS. LIEUTENANT (2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semifinalist) will be free on Kindle Aug 20 and Aug 21. See

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