Reflections on the Inner Musician

As the contributing editor in chief of an Independent Arts Magazine (this one) and an internet radio DJ, I have the amazing opportunity to get to know some amazingly talented musicians and to source talent to showcase on my show, through interviews with them that share their profoundest thoughts. I also get to listen to incredible music not heard on terrestrial radio, before I play it on my show.

As I listen to so much of the music, I am amazed at the composition and arrangement, both lyrically and instrumentally, of the songs. I am not a composer by any stretch of the imagination, although I think I might have a songwriter inside me, and I can sing. I have also been teaching myself (slowly) to play the guitar which I am enjoying more than the piano lessons of my childhood.

I say this because, while I recognize that I am not a composer at all, I can stand in awe of those that are. It reminds me of a quote from my friend Michael Ricucci of Terra Rising, from an interview with him that I just recorded and will air on August 9, 2012 on The Michele Jennae Show. He said, “Everybody has this musical instrument [musician] in their body… and it’s with us all the time. Music is that universal that we can all relate to.” (To hear the entire scintillating interview with Michael of Terra Rising, listen LIVE to The Michele Jennae Show at 12 pm EDT (9 am PDT), on Thursday, August 9, 2012.)

Wait. Wait. I know. Many of you are arguing that point in your head at the moment. “I really have no musical talent,” you say. My Dad used to say that the only way he could “carry a tune” was to have a transistor radio in his pocket. (Yes, I realize that it’s all iPods now.) BUT, my Dad can whistle!! And quite well, I might add. I loved to listen to him whistle when I was a kid, save the sharp whistle that called us home on the double.

My point is this: my Dad’s inner musician is a whistler. Yours might be a percussionist through simple foot tapping as you mindlessly keep time to your favorite song. It might be clapping in rhythm or humming or snapping or even clicking your tongue.

OR you might be an extremely talented musician who plays more instruments than I can count on two hands and feet, composing, arranging, etc. etc.

The importance of this “reflection” is that music is indeed a universal language that every single human being understands on some level AND has inside them. Music has the power to move us through beats, lyrics, major or minor chords, the rise and fall of a melody, or a simple sweet harmony, and can make us smile, laugh, cry, reminisce, relate, and even be transported through time.

“The beautiful thing is, music can be like a time machine. One song- the lyrics, the melody, the mood- can take you back to a moment in time like nothing else can.”
― Lisa Schroeder, Chasing Brooklyn

“What has caused this introspection?” you ask. It has come from preparing for my upcoming week of shows that has a special focus on Music Therapy. One, of course, with Terra Rising, and the other with talented musician AND music therapist Ian Franklin (another great interview airing August 7th, 2012). While the science of how music therapy is completely beyond my understanding, it makes sense on a visceral level, in that music, being universal, touches and heals the universe.

Embrace your inner musical instrument for some self-administered therapy, or tune in to The Michele Jennae Show every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 to 10:30 am PDT on or HotMix106 on your smart phone’s TuneIn app. Also, join the Facebook chat page for thought provoking and just plain fun conversation. Thanks for listening.


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3 Responses to Reflections on the Inner Musician

  1. Robert Wuagneux

    August 4, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    I was told from a young age…very young…that I had NO musical aptitude or talent.

    I am so glad I stopped listening to OTHERS!!!!

    If you feel it, let it OUT!!!!
    Robert Wuagneux

    • Michele Jennae

      August 6, 2012 at 1:29 pm

      So many of us are glad that you have let your musical talent OUT!!! Having listened to a lot of your music, I can say that you have amazing musical talent, but also that you INSPIRE others to discover and share theirs.

      Continued success to you Robert!!

      Michele Jennae

      • Robert Wuagneux

        August 9, 2012 at 10:22 am

        Thank you Michelle,
        One Step at a Time!!!!

        Don’t let the HOSERS and The POSEURS define who you are!!!
        I will never stop following my passions and dreams!!!
        All good things to you!!!
        Peace, R

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