February 2012

The Indie Times Feb 2012

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20 Indie Up in Cow Town
Christina Marie champions the arts in Sacramento
Michele Jennae      


10 Urban Realist has Global Appeal
Featured Artist- Miguel Paredes

30 The Helix of Right Brain & Left Brain
Featured Artist-Jason Martineau


5 Publisher’s Note
Bill Walker

6 IndieQuisition
Michele Jennae

8 Recipe for a Novel 2
We’re cooking now, with more writing tips
Connie A. Walker

17 Riding the Indie Roller Coaster
The ups and downs of writing a novel
Roger Pershing Barrick

18 Write… Just Write
Putting words on the page
Neal Wooten

28 Colours of Infinity
The story behind the documentary
Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

34 My Journey of Self-Discovery
Inspiration to reconnect with the artist in you
David R. Christensen

38 Beyond the Pen and Paper
Creative journaling with a purpose
Jennifer M. Rodriguez

41 Book Review: The Spire of Kylet

43 CD Review: Gina Zavalis

44 Advertising Specs

46 Submission Guidelines