January 2012

The Indie Times - January 2012 Digital Magazine

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COVER STORY: Now Presenting The Indie Times p.18
Meet the team that brings you the “indie” news
Michele Jennae                                                                                       

5 Publisher’s Note
Bill Walker

7 Are ‘The Arts’ the New Spectator Sport?
Michele Jennae

10 Pamela Rose Presents the Wild Women of Song
Celebrate the unheralded  women songwriters of the American Songscape
Terri Hinte

12 Recipe For a Novel
The ingredients and equipment to cook up a delicious story
Connie A. Walker

28 Life is A Balancing Act
Life is busy, but can be more enriched with creative expression.
Jennifer M. Rodriguez

32 At the Gate of the Indie Roller Coaster
The ups and downs of the publishing journey
Roger Pershing Barrick

34 The ‘Road Not Taken’ Revisited
Finding his way back to his original passion
David R. Christensen

36 Why I Chose Independent Publishing
An author shares her indie insight
Connie Fleenor

38 Snapshot of three photographers
Special photographers exhibition and stories
Michele Jennae

42 Submission Guidelines

44 Advertising Specs