Meet The Team

Bill Walker, Publisher

Bill Walker is The Indie Advocate.

We are in the middle of a creative arts revolution.  Technology has put the power of creating, producing and distribution into the hands of anyone that desires to write, produce & distribute a book, CD or movie.  This is an exciting time to be the creative arts (writer, musician, film maker, etc.)  There has never been a better opportunity for you to get your product into the hands of your fans.  The internet has leveled the production and distribution playing field.  The big publishing houses, major studios and record labels no longer control which book, CD or film the public is exposed to.

Now is the time to take control of your artistic career. Your fans are waiting!



Jeremy Jones, Art Director

Jeremy Jones is our artiste extraordinaire. With a background in graphic design and illustration, Jeremy exhibits genius in all his work. Using his ability and vision, he creates the best visual representations of people’s ideas.

While not designing the logos and layouts for The Indie Times, Jeremy works for a highly successful integrated communications agency and also manages his own full-time business, JRJ Designs.