Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

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Our Mission

At The Indie Times, our mission is to be the leading provider of information and tools to inspire and support independent artists everywhere.

General Focus

The Indie Times publishes an online newspaper that is updated regularly and a digital magazine of the same name that is published twelve times per year. Published content focuses on the creation, production, distribution and business of the independent arts: music, books, film, dance, theater, culinary, fine arts and more.  Our articles are written by, for and about independent artists and professionals that serve the artistic community. Our goal is to have 80%-90% of the articles published in the online newspaper and digital magazine written by freelance contributors.

Our readers are participants in the arts, professionals that serve independent artists and fans of the arts. We strive to inform, instruct and inspire our readers. Keeping informed on industry trends is essential to our artistic readers’ success. Profiles of new and established artists keep fans in the know about their favorite artists’ careers.

Payment and General Terms

At this time The Indie Times does not pay for accepted articles.  Byline is given for accepted articles, including links to contributors’ websites and inclusion of personal email addresses so that readers can communicate directly with contributors. Upon submission and acceptance by us, you grant first world electronic rights for all contributions to the online newspaper and exclusive rights for digital magazine contributions.

Lead-time is 24-48 hours for contributions to the online newspaper and a minimum of 45 days for the digital magazine. Email any questions regarding status of your submission to our editor.

What to Pitch

Indie News

This is a great place for new contributors to break in. This section of breaking news should be relevant to the indie community and is part of the online newspaper. Articles should be 500-800 words. Articles can be about social media, the business of the indie arts, new and trendy products or ideas, movie, music or literary reviews, or any topic that might be of interest to our readers.

Indicate Indie News in the subject line when submitting.

Artist Profiles

These are profiles of promising authors, musicians, filmmakers, artists, etc., not to be confused with the monthly, featured artist profile. Articles should run 800-1,200 words and must have a strong, unique angle of interest to writers. Pitches of artists who have been recently featured in our magazine are not eligible.

Indicate Artist Profile in the subject line when submitting.

Market Reports

These are market reports highlighting trends in a particular market. Genre reports detail what’s changing or hot in a particular segment of the industry: books, music, film, dance, fine arts, etc. Interview and quote relevant sources. Describe the market including its target market. Explain how to find ideas for the market. Point out how artists can generate salable ideas and provide tips on matching ideas to future products.

Indicate Market Reports in the subject line when submitting.


Will accept excerpts of authors’ original yet unpublished works, poetry and short stories, up to 1500 words. If submitting an excerpt, it is your responsibility to ensure that excerpt reads well. Theme, plot, character development, and setting should be appropriately evident within the excerpt. Indicate Fiction in the subject line when submitting.


Individuals submitting photos for publication must be the holder of the copyright for said photos. Captions, identification of subjects required. One-time rights.

Indicate Photos in the subject line when submitting.

Online Newspaper

Accepting submissions for the following areas. Remember that all news must be related to artists pursuing their talent development and career through non-traditional (independent) paths.

  • Books
  • Music
  • Film
  • Fine Arts
  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Culinary
  • Business (of the Arts)
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Multimedia
  • Events



Articles should be well researched, carefully reported, critical, dynamic, and of interest to both independent artists and their fans. We want writers who have personality and who are rigorous, professional, and exact and that will represent our publications well.

Material published in magazine vs. online newspaper at discretion of the editor-in-chief. Magazine content is independent and exclusive from the online newspaper content.

Send submissions to:

Product Reviews (Books, CDs, Films, etc.)

All product reviews are handled in house.  If you have a product you would like reviewed please send a copy to the address below. Lead-time for product reviews is 45-60 days.

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